Trump & Pakistan

Trump & Pakistan

News January 2, 2018 0

2 January 2018 America President Donald Trump once again become decisive against terrorism. On 1st January he tweeted that “the United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 Billion dollars in aid over last 15 years, and they have given lies and deceit, thinking of our leaders as... Read more
Pakistan General Bajwa supported Hafiz Saaed who is designated terrorist by UNITED Nation
  20 December, 2017 Pakistan Army General said that Hafiz Saaed is eagerly interested in resolving Kashmir problem as any other citizen of Pakistan. This is the official statement of Pakistan General Bajwa given to the press. Hafiz Saaed is a mastermind who has done Mumbai Attack and he... Read more
USA use veto to stop United Nation from Jerusalem
19 December 2017 Fourteen countries have not taken the side of United States of America on the decision of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Japan, Ukraine, Britain, France which are known to be America friends have shown deep regret about Jerusalem status. This resolution in United Nation was... Read more
Srilanka gave Hambantota port to the China for $ 1.12 Billion
  9 December 2017 Srilanka has given it’s valuable southern Hambantota port to the Chinese company. Mangala Samarweera, Finance Minister of Srilanka has said that they have got $292 Million out of $ 1.12 Billion deal. Chinese Merchant Port Holding is the company which got the lease of 99... Read more
The USA puts blame on United Nation on Jerusalem
9 December 2017 America has accused that United Nation has done nothing to solve the problem between Israel and Palestine. Nikki Haley who is the representative of the USA at United Nation has said categorically that “United Nation is showing animosity towards Israel and it is one of the... Read more
Terrorist rammed truck into Manhattan
  1 November 2017 Sayfullo Saipov the alleged terrorist has rammed the truck into the lower Manhattan. He started screaming “Allah Hu Akbar” and killed eight people on the bikeway and many got injured as well. President Trump and many other international leaders have condemned the attack. This attack responsibility... Read more
United Nation Nuclear Chief will visit Iran
  26 October 2017 United Nation Nuclear head will come to Iran and will hold talks with Iranian government as the American government has an objection that Iran has been violating the international laws in keeping their nuclear programme. Yukiya Amano will also talk about the 2015 agreement on... Read more
Turkey Court liberate eight activists on bail in terrorism case
26 October 2017 The court in Turkey has given bail to eight people which belong to Amnesty International and two of them are foreigners. The trial was done on the charge of terrorism and if proved they will face prison up to fifteen years. There are eleven people were... Read more
Tillerson comes to India and slams Pakistan
25 October 2017   Within one month another dignitary from America has come to India to meet Indian government. United State Foreign Secretary Tillerson said that he has talked to the leaders of Pakistan that much terrorist organization has been living there and security has been provided to them.... Read more