Egypt attack on Church , 9 dead
30 December, 2017 In the southern part of Cairo, they were two attacks in which Christians were attacked. According to the sources a Gunmen terrorist attacked the church and killed 9 people. After that police has caputured him and one of police men is also injured.Sources have also said... Read more
Pakistan General Bajwa supported Hafiz Saaed who is designated terrorist by UNITED Nation
  20 December, 2017 Pakistan Army General said that Hafiz Saaed is eagerly interested in resolving Kashmir problem as any other citizen of Pakistan. This is the official statement of Pakistan General Bajwa given to the press. Hafiz Saaed is a mastermind who has done Mumbai Attack and he... Read more
9 people liquidate and 45 got hurt in Pakistan
17 December 2017 Quetta the capital of Balochistan, Pakistan has witnessed the deadly terrorist attack in which 9 people got killed and 45 got hurt. According to the Police when Jargon street where the church was situated and prayers were going on suddenly two terrorist attacked. This news was... Read more
Terrorist rammed truck into Manhattan
  1 November 2017 Sayfullo Saipov the alleged terrorist has rammed the truck into the lower Manhattan. He started screaming “Allah Hu Akbar” and killed eight people on the bikeway and many got injured as well. President Trump and many other international leaders have condemned the attack. This attack responsibility... Read more
Tunisian police man knifed by terrorist
  2 November 2017 A terrorist knifed the police personnel in Tunisia and due to that the security union. Zied Gharabi is the suspect which was caught, and he shouted, “Allah Hu Akbar” and then attacked the police personnel. He stabbed in the neck according to the police and... Read more
Russia Vetoes and saves Assad
  25 October 2017. Moscow has once again proved that its friendship with Assad is not a normal one but having more depth and it would do anything to protect him. Russia has done the veto in the security council and blocked the move of United Nation to held... Read more