Suicide Bomber killed two in Cameroon
11 December 2017 A suicide bomber detonated himself and killed two people in Cameroon. This incident has happened in Kerawa Mosque. After the morning prayer, it has been alleged that Boko Haram terrorist has done this deadly attack. Boko Haram has spread its work from Nigeria to Cameroon &... Read more
Nigerian Girls blow themselves and killed four
12 December 2017 Two Nigerian teenage girls blow themselves and in the town Gwoza and killed four people. Military said this incident happened on Monday. Nigerian Army has spotted the girls and then killed one of them but the other girl went into the crowd and detonated the bomb.... Read more
Communal Tension increases in Karnataka
9 December 2017 Hindu Activist Paresh Mesta’s body found burnt and floating in Shetty Lake. He was just twenty one year old. BJP Member of Parliament Shobha Karandlaje has said that NIA should probe into this incident. He was an expert swimmer and belongs to Hindu fishing community. BJP... Read more
Lashkar E Taiba want to target Indian Israeli Citizens
  9 December 2017 After capturing Lashkar terrorist from Uttar Pradesh the security of Israeli citizens is increased in India. Mostly Israeli citizens live in Himachal Pradesh in India. Dharamshala & Kasol are two major cities in Himachal Pradesh where Israeli citizens are mostly based. LET wants to target... Read more
Eight humans – 5 policemen and 3 children pulverized in Iraq
4 November 2017 Islamic State has bombed al-Qubba village then due to that 3 children has lost their life including 2 siblings. In the Badush town, the three police person has been cannonaded and the fourth person has been badly injured. The violence has been increased even though the... Read more
Nine people terminated in the Bomblast at Quneitra’s Hadar
  3 November 2017 A car bomb was used by the Jabhat al- Nusra terrorist group. This bomb strike was done in Hadar town of Quneitra’s. This was a suicide attack which blew nine people and himself as well. Twenty-three people have been badly injured. According to sources, more... Read more
Turkey Court liberate eight activists on bail in terrorism case
26 October 2017 The court in Turkey has given bail to eight people which belong to Amnesty International and two of them are foreigners. The trial was done on the charge of terrorism and if proved they will face prison up to fifteen years. There are eleven people were... Read more
Tillerson comes to India and slams Pakistan
25 October 2017   Within one month another dignitary from America has come to India to meet Indian government. United State Foreign Secretary Tillerson said that he has talked to the leaders of Pakistan that much terrorist organization has been living there and security has been provided to them.... Read more