Nigerian Girls blow themselves and killed four
12 December 2017 Two Nigerian teenage girls blow themselves and in the town Gwoza and killed four people. Military said this incident happened on Monday. Nigerian Army has spotted the girls and then killed one of them but the other girl went into the crowd and detonated the bomb.... Read more
Six Nigerian soldier liquidate by Boko Haram
  26 October 2017 Boko Haram has annihilated 6 soldiers of Nigerian army in a raid. This raid was conducted in the Northeast of Nigeria. Boko Haram came in trucks and attacked the military base situated in the Sasawa village, some 45 kilometers from the Yobe state capital, Damatru... Read more
Fedayeen Attack in Nigeria leads to 13 deaths
  October 23, 2017 A fedayeen bombardier has taken the life away from the 13 people in the city of Maiduguri in Nigeria. This attack has been done by the terrorist organization Boko Haram. This attack has also injured 5 people.  The two separate fedayeen bombardiers have also injured... Read more