Egypt attack on Church , 9 dead
30 December, 2017 In the southern part of Cairo, they were two attacks in which Christians were attacked. According to the sources a Gunmen terrorist attacked the church and killed 9 people. After that police has caputured him and one of police men is also injured.Sources have also said... Read more
Seventy-Five people cannoned in Syria by Car bomb
5 November 2017 Deir Ezzor has been struck widely by ISIS. Seventy-five people have lost their life by a car bomb. This city is situated near Euphrates river and it holds a lot of value because of its oil reserves. Hundred and forty people have been injured in this... Read more
Eight humans – 5 policemen and 3 children pulverized in Iraq
4 November 2017 Islamic State has bombed al-Qubba village then due to that 3 children has lost their life including 2 siblings. In the Badush town, the three police person has been cannonaded and the fourth person has been badly injured. The violence has been increased even though the... Read more
ISIS kills mother and her two sons in Iraq
  21 October 2017. The ISIS terrorist sneaked into one of the houses in Mosul city of Iraq. They have sneaked from the islands in Tigris river toward Hammam al -Alil south of Mosul. The terrorist killed the mother with two of her son very brutally. The women were... Read more
128 people slaughtered by ISIS in Syria
October 23, 2017. ISIS mass slaughtered 128 people in the Syrian town of Qaryatain. This town was recaptured by the Syrian forces from the ISIS but after regaining they found the dead bodies all around on the street. The ISIS has captured till the city in August 2015 but... Read more