Balochistan- Twin blast and eight people got injured
  1 January 2018 In the Chaman area of Balochistan, two bombs have rocked the area. Eight people got injured and of which three are Army officials. This attack was done near Special Branch office at Pakistan Afghanistan border. Due to this twin attack, the security forces have suffered... Read more
Egypt attack on Church , 9 dead
30 December, 2017 In the southern part of Cairo, they were two attacks in which Christians were attacked. According to the sources a Gunmen terrorist attacked the church and killed 9 people. After that police has caputured him and one of police men is also injured.Sources have also said... Read more
Melbourne Terror Attack by SUV
  21 December 2017 A SUV rammed nineteen people who were pedestrians on Flinders Street, Melbourne. Police has said it’s a “deliberate act”. A white SUV crashed into the public who was trying to cross the road on Flinders street. It is one of the busiest streets in Melbourne.... Read more